WELCOME TO THE INTENSIVE OUTPATIENT PROGRAM (IOP) at Pocono Mountain Recovery Center (PMRC)! Our program is centered on the understanding that the longer a patient participates in a treatment process, the greater chance he/she has of staying clean and sober. Appreciating the progressive nature of addiction and alcoholism, PMRC alcohol rehab PA utilizes intensive strategies to break old rituals of use and create new habits of recovery. Our IOP services are gender specific and target the needs of the individual in a recovery process.

PMRC’s IOP works closely with our local sober living which creates a 24-hour process of responsibility and accountability. We know that completing a residential program brings about some stability; we must meet the patient at that point and help him/her implement the tools for recovery. Time spent in our I0 is used productively. We address failure to connect to the recovery process as well as chronic relapse and multiple inpatient treatment attempts. Individuals in early recovery often underestimate the psychological power of their addiction, while at the same time become over confident in their ability to function in society.