The Truth About Alcohol & Drugs

Did You Know?
The average age of first experimentation with drugs is 13, and for alcohol it is even younger. Drug use has been classified as a major problem for kids as early as fourth grade by the students themselves.
Alcohol is the most widely used drug in America. It is the third largest cause of death in the United States, second only to heart disease and cancer. Alcohol and tobacco use are a significant “risk factor” in heart disease and cancer. It accounts for over 100,000 deaths per year in this country alone. It is also the leading cause of death for people between the ages of 15 and 24.
Alcohol and other drugs contribute to over 50 percent of all suicides and over 50 percent of all violent crimes.
Over 60 percent of admissions to emergency rooms are either directly or indirectly due to drug or alcohol usage. Over 50 percent of all traffic accidents involve the use of drugs or alcohol, with many of these being fatal.
It is estimated that drugs and alcohol are a factor in at least 80 percent of domestic violence incidents. Know more :